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  • Darryl Jagga


Hi. I’m Darryl Jagga, a bridal gown designer in New York City. This is my first blog entry.

I'm writing this blog to bring brides and anyone interested in bridal gown design into my world. It will showcase my journey designing distinctive gowns that make brides look amazing on their wedding day.


I recently opened a salon on West 38th Street in the Garment District of New York City. The salon is an exciting next step in my journey as a bridal gown designer.

My previous focus was selling my collection to salons, where it has been well received and done well. Having my own salon in New York City allows me to interact directly with brides.


Opening my salon has been an exciting experience. It took a few months to find the space. Nothing seemed right, and finding space in New York City was hard. It took time to set up a salon, and it taught me many things, including how to set up the racks for maximum appeal, finding comfortable seating, and creating an atmosphere that makes brides feel at home in my salon.


It took a while to put it all together, and now it feels right. And the brides agree. I’ve learned so much hosting brides in my new studio who are excited about their wedding and finding their perfect dress. They come in nervously, hoping to find their wedding dress, but are made comfortable by the intimate salon filled with music , flowers to brighten things up, and all the time they need to try on the affordable luxury of a Darryl Jagga Bridal gown.


The bride have provided insights that helped my marketing efforts and their input has inspired the design of my next collection, which I will detail in future blog posts. Working with brides and helping make their dreams come true has been an amazing experience.


It’s been wonderful working in my new studio, which has incredible light and allows me to be surrounded by my creations. It feels like a dream come true.


I look forward to sharing my designs, journey, and life as a designer with you in this blog. Thanks for reading.



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